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If you have come this far, then it's likely that you are determined to find the best professional help. We are a group of professionally qualified psychotherapists and psychoanalysts with many years' experience of working with individuals and couples in emotional distress, both in private practice and the National Health Service.
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Issues we work with

Many of us will experience anxiety, depression and other problems at some point in our lives. And much of the time, the help of family or friends will be enough to get us through. Sometimes, however, the difficulties persist, causing stress and unhappiness at home and at work. If you're at this stage, then psychotherapy may be the best way forward.
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You might be struggling with a particular issue, and wondering whether the therapist you choose will be able to help you. All of our therapists have extensive experience working with difficulties such as:

  • feeling stressed, anxious or panicky
  • finding work overwhelming
  • lacking a sense of purpose
  • suffering from low self-esteem and depression
  • coming to terms with loss
  • having relationship difficulties
  • having suffered a trauma
  • having difficulties with your sexuality
  • struggling with family conflicts
  • feeling burdened by shame or guilt
  • suffering from eating disorders
  • struggling to overcome phobias
  • being beset by obsessional thinking
  • battling addiction
  • feeling high levels of anger

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We are based in comfortable, quiet and spacious rooms just two minutes’ walk from Oxford Circus. We respond to all queries promptly and in confidence. Call us on 07990 973575, or email if you would like to discuss your situation.

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